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 Summer 2014 
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Summer 2014 Teaching Schedule
HLTH 54 Introduction to Public Health 3.0
ADVISE: ENGL 92 or ESL 150 (or placement in ENGL 92 or ESL 150)
52593 G81 Onl HOURS ARR 06/16-07/25  Deadlines Book WAIT LIST
HLTH 54-Sec G81 is an online classes with Optional Orientation . For course details, students must check instructor's website at: http://sites.google.com/a/mail.ccsf.edu/janey-skinner/. For information about online courses go to http://www.ccsf.edu/online/courses.

M.P.H. from U.C. Berkeley; B.A. from Brown Univeristy

Janey Skinner has been teaching at CCSF since 2004, initially as a part-time instructor. She served as Director of the Regional Health Occupations Resource Center from 2006-2008. Since January 2009 she is a full-time instructor in Health Education, and also coordinator of the Trauma Prevention &> Recovery Certificate (Interdisciplinary Studies Dept.).

My website is now located at:
More info on my courses and the Trauma Certificate is available there.

On campus, I am a member of the CTE subcommittee.

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