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CS 131A Python Programming 3.0
ADVISE: CS 110A or 111A or 113A or 130A or 112A or 161 or 160B.
52622 831 Onl HOURS ARR 06/16-08/01  Deadlines Book
CS 131A-Sec 831 is an online class. No on-campus meeting. For course details students must check instructor's website at For more information about online courses go to

B.A., University of California, Berkeley

I have been teaching at CCSF since 2000.

I teach web programming and scripting languages, including Perl, PHP, and Ruby programming. My goal is to give motivated students the programming skills they need to reach their personal goals.

I also teach at the College of San Mateo, where I teach Ruby, Python, and HTML courses.

In my professional career I have worked as a web consultant, and I've worked at several startups, most recently at, where I was the lead PHP programmer.

Follow me on my blog at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter with @douglasputnam.

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