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GERM 1A Elementary German 3.0
ADVISE: ENGL 93 or 94; or ESL 160 or 82 or placement in ENGL 96 or ESL 170 or any City College or university foreign language course. Requires an additional 1 hour.
51064 581 Lec M W 06:00-09:30PM 06/16-07/31 88 4th St. U419 Deadlines Book

B.A.(Political Science and German), M.A. and Ph.D. (German literature specializing in the Weimar period): University of California, Berkeley

Ms. Pahl has taught German at CCSF from 1991-2003 and 2013-2014. In 2001 she began non-instructional work in the Language Center, where she provides student services, assisting students and instructors in using language-learning technology and various multi-media resources.

Blogs? Yes! Ms. Pahl keeps three blogs updated for the German Language Program (http://ccsfdeutschnaklar.blogspot.com/), for the Foreign Language Department (http://ccsflanguagecenter.blogspot.com/) and for the Language Center (http://languagecenterccsf.blogspot.com/).

Since German is perceived as a "difficult to learn" language (what with 4 declension cases, primary and secondary adjective endings, and, um Himmels willen!, 10-syllable compound words), Ms. Pahl has evolved her teaching philosophy to include some salesmanship, much encouragement ("If can learn German, you can too!") and a class-by-class refutation of T.L. Peacock's quote that "Life is too short to learn German." In the Language Center, Ms. Pahl is able to extend her encouragement and support to a wider group of students in their quest to learn any one (or more!) of the credit languages taught at CCSF.

Ms. Pahl served as committee chair of the International Education Advisory Committee from 2005-2009.

When she is not working in the Language Center, Ms. Pahl keeps up with political events and commentary (she is the proud owner of a Political Junkie t-shirt, which she won in a contest), listens to NPR, and plans at least one new meal per week taken from her extensive cookbook and recipe collection.

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