Grace G Imson

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 Summer 2014 
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Summer 2014 Teaching Schedule
TRST 3421 HS Algebra 1A 0.0
Advise: Placement into TRST 3421 or completion of TRST 2421
62867 201 NCr MTWR 09:00-12:15PM 06/02-07/10 1860 Hayes St. A222 Book

M. A. Education, major in Administration and Supervision, Saint Louis University
Teacher Credential Program, San Jose State University
Foundations of Bachelor of Science in Education, Saint Louis University
Mathematics, Skyline College/ SLU / SFSU
Computer Software/Hardware - Science & Technology Center
Calpro-online courses - CSU-Sacramento
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering , Saint Louis University
(EIT-2008, P.E. CE, CBEST, CSET, CA Teacher Credential -Math/Computer)

Prof. Imson has been teaching at CCSF since 2005

"Education is life itself " - John Dewey. Guide the students to achieve in school, provide them all the possible resources.

ASCE, PSCE, MSP, Toastmasters

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