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BCST 119 Digital Media Skills 3.0 52583 351 L/L MTWR 09:15-11:30AM 06/16-07/31 1125 Valencia St. A218 Deadlines Book WAIT LIST BCST 135 Audio for the Web 1.0
PREREQ.: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in BCST 119 ADVISE: BCST 120
52584 351 Lec MTWR 01:10-04:00PM 06/16-06/27 1125 Valencia St. A218 Deadlines Book WAIT LIST BCST 136 Video for the Web 1.0
52585 351 L/L MTWR 01:10-04:00PM 06/30-07/11 1125 Valencia St. A218 Deadlines Book WAIT LIST BCST 159 Digital Media Portfolio 1.0 52586 351 L/L MTWR 01:10-04:00PM 07/14-07/31 1125 Valencia St. A218 Deadlines Book WAIT LIST

I grew up in Canada where education is practically free. So is health care, by the way. I studied Communications in college and started my career in visual effects and animation. This was before digital arrived north of the border; I used miniatures, mattes and stop motion film. I learned my craft at the National Film Board of Canada and worked on a couple of commercials and a feature film for Cinegroupe. A short film I made with my friends called The Dizzy Heart was included in an anthology that toured around the U.S. and played in a group show at the MOMA in New York City. A live-action short that I made got the attention of a producer who started raising money for a larger project, a pilot for a kidsí series. Meanwhile, I was working as a technician, first as an audio/assistant, then as a shooter (which is a pretty typical way to break into TV). Sometimes it was interesting, especially when shooting open heart surgery for the BBC or backstage with a band for MTV. Back in the creative world, we finally made the pilot, which was not picked up by a network. I decided to upgrade my skills again. I did my M.A. and Ph.D. in Communications while working on a series for TV5, a french language network. I moved to California in 2003 to do a post-doc at Berkeley and started teaching broadcasting at San Francisco State University.

BA - Concordia University
MA - McGill University (Canada)
PhD - Concordia University
Post Doctoral Fellowship - UC Berkeley
Production Associate - Banff Center for the Arts

I have been teaching at CCSF since 2008

My instructional/educational philosophy and goals differ depending on the course that I am teaching. In general, I'd like to see students learn as much as they can about broadcasting while becoming better readers and writers, and more critical thinkers.

I volunteer as a DJ and production associate at KUSF (and now KUSF in Exile) since 2004. Check out my writings and reel at my blog

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