Kenneth D Brown

Photo of Kenneth D Brown Department International Education 
 Office Cloud Hall 245B
 Phone (415) 452-4803
 Mailbox EV165
 Summer 2014 
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Summer 2014 Teaching Schedule
ESL 75 Intermed Editing & Grammar Rev 2.0
PREREQ.: Completion of ESL 130 with a grade of C or higher or placement in ESL 140 or ESL 150 ADVISE: Concurrent enrollment in ESL 140 or 150
51494 001 Lec MTWRF 09:10-10:40AM 06/16-07/25 CLOU U267 Deadlines Book ESL 142 High-Intermed. Listening/Spkg. 2.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 142 or completion of ESL 132
51201 001 Lec MTWRF 11:10-12:40PM 06/16-07/25 ARTX U181 Deadlines Book

B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz; M.A., San Francisco State University

Mr. Brown has been a member of the CCSF faculty since 1995.

Mr. Brown customarily begins his ESL classes by exchanging lots of personal information with students. This puts students in a receptive mood. In his leisure time, he enjoys ballroom dancing, photography and computer-generated music.

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