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TH A 150A Beginning Acting Fundamentals 3.0 52751 001 Lec MTW 02:00-04:50PM 06/10-07/21 BNGL U222 Deadlines Book TH A 150B Intermed Acting Fundamentals 3.0
52754 001 Lec MTW 02:00-04:50PM 06/10-07/21 BNGL U222 Deadlines Book TH A 150C Advanced Acting Fundamentals 3.0
52757 001 Lec MTW 02:00-04:50PM 06/10-07/21 BNGL U222 Deadlines Book

Ms. Weinstock has taught at CCSF since 1978.

She is a member of Actors' Equity Association (AEA) and the Screen Actors' Guild (SAG).

Ms. Weinstock is well known to Bay Area theatre goers. She was a company member with the American Conservatory theatre for five years. She has also worked with theatre companies throughout the states. She was last seen as Annie in Lorraine Hansberry's Production of &>quot;A DANCE ON WIDOWS' ROW&>quot; by Sam Art Williams Her acting credits include &>quot;FENCES&>quot;, &>quot;JOE TURNERS' COME AND GONE&>quot;, &>quot;PIANO LESSON&>quot;, &>quot;SEVEN GUITARS&>quot;, &>quot;DUTCHESS OF MALFI&>quot;, &>quot;FULL MOON&>quot;, &>quot;MISS EVERS' BOYS&>quot;, &>quot;KONVERGENCE&>quot;, &>quot;FLYIN' WEST&>quot;, &>quot;TOD ... THE BOY TOD&>quot;, &>quot;THREE ACTS OF RECOGNITION&>quot;, and &>quot;SUGAR MOUTH SAM DON'T DANCE NO MORE&>quot; and Paramount Production's film &>quot;JADE&>quot;. As an administrator, Ms Weinstock was the founder and program director for Black Arts community Theatres United (BACTU), an international arts service organization. As a director, Ms Weinstock has two current productions touring the Bay Area: Jeff Stetson's &>quot;THE MEETING&>quot; - a fictitious meeting between Martin Luther king Jr. and Malcom X - and &>quot;THE CLITORIS CELEBRATION&>quot; by Sia Amma.

Ms. Weinstock is a member of the Council on Black American Affairs, The Bay Area Black Green room, Theatre Communications Group (TCG) and Black Theatre Network. She serves on the boards of Global Women in Tack and the African-American Shakespeare Company.

She says that &>quot;One must be willing to fall down; get back up, and try it again, and again, and again.&>quot;

Her extracurricular activities include painting, drawing, dancing, grooming and riding her horses, roller-blading, and play with her grandchildren.

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