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 Summer 2013 
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Summer 2013 Teaching Schedule
HLTH 33 Intro to Health & Wellness 2.0
ADVISE: ESL 140 or placement in ESL 150, or completion of or concurrent enrollment in ENGL 90
51436 002 Lec M W 12:10-02:45PM 06/16-07/25 MUB A340 Deadlines Book HLTH 90B Harm Reduction and Health 0.5 52595 601 Lec SAT 09:40-01:30PM 06/21-06/28 MUB A330 Deadlines Book HLTH 100 Intro to Drug & Alcohol Studie 1.0 51339 001 Lec M W 04:10-07:00PM 06/16-07/02 MUB A330 Deadlines Book

Masters of Public Health in Community Health Education, San Francisco State University, 2008
Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies, University of Massachusette at Amherst, 1984

Prof. Tregor has been at City College of San Francisco since 2009, and teaching since Fall, 2010.

As a Community Health Educator, my mission is to be an ally in community efforts to improve public health.

I hope to work with communities to utilize what I've learned both in the academic realm and by experience to:

*Eliminate the health inequities and disparities that disproportionately affect people due to race, income, sexual orientation, gender, religion, homelessness, and other factors;

*Work at the individual, community, and institutional levels to impact and improve policies and practices that harm community health;

*Work to remove blame and stigma as factors in how individuals and communities are treated for health conditions.

Jill is the coordinator of the Job Placement Working Group.

She is the former Director of the Regional Health Occupations Resource Center, which worked with Bay Area allied health employers and community colleges to prepare and diversify the allied health workforce.

Prior to coming to City College, Jill worked in the social justice/non-profit field, primarily addressing inter racial conflict and hate motivated violence. She has also worked extensively in the domestic violence and women's health fields.

Foundations for Community Health Workers, eds. Berthold, Miller, and Avila-Esparza (2009). Author of chapter "Facilitating Community Health Education Trainings" and co-author of "Community Diagnosis".

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