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BIO 9 Human Biology 4.0
ADVISE: MATH E1 or MATH E3; or placement in MATH 40 or MATH 840; ESL 140 (or placement in ESL 150), or ENGL 90 (or placement in ENGL 92)
52620 003 L/L MTWR 10:30-02:45PM 06/16-07/25 SCIE U335 Deadlines Book

M.S. and Ph.D.

I have been teaching at CCSF from 2004.

Instructional/educational philosophy and goals:
i) Enhance student learning in the class room and help them to understand and the complexity of the biological organism from unicellular to multicellular.
ii)Analyze the news in the media related to biology to accept or reject them.
ii) Analyze the role of genetics in health and human diseases.

I am a member of the Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee of the College..

Some of my publications are:
Sengupta L.K. and Sengupta, S. (2004) Molecular Mechanisms, Proteinopathies and Therapeutic Strategies in Neurodegenerative Disorders. Current Genomics 5 (4): 327-346
Sengupta, L.K., Sengupta, S. and Sarkar, M (2002) Pharmacogenetic Applications of the Post Genomic Era. Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 3(2): 141-150
Sengupta, S., Sengupta, L.K and Bisen, P.S. (2001) Bioengineered Crops: Commercial and Ethical Considerations. Current Genomics 2 (2):181-197

I enjoy the biodiversity I see around me, traveling is my passion.I love performing arts like classical music and dance.

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