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ITAL 1A Elementary Italian 3.0
ADVISE: ENGL 93 or 94; or ESL 160 or placement in ENGL 96 or ESL 170 or any City College or university foreign language course. Requires an additional 2 hours.
34391 538 Lec T 06:30-09:20PM 88 4th St. U822 Deadlines Final Book 31492 8E1 Onl HOURS ARR  Deadlines Book
ITAL 1A- Sec 8E1 is an online class with Required meetings on-campus on 1/18/14, 10-1:30pm in Rosenberg 205E. Online Italian is recommended for students with prior knowledge of Italian. For course details students must check instructors website at For more information about online courses go to

Lauree, La Sapienza University, Rome Italy

Laurea from the University of Rome in Italian Language and Literature.
Laurea from the University of Rome in Sociology.

Mr. SpanÚ received Italian accreditation in (1982) to teach Humanities and History and Italian accreditation (1982) to teach Italian language and literature.

Mr. SpanÚ won the First place in the 2005 California Virtual Campus Online Teaching Website Awards

Prof. Spano has been teaching at CCSF since 1998

Instructional/educational philosophy and goals:

To promote appreciation of Italy, its language and its culture, offering a perspective of a different life style and to those students of Italian descent, an opportunity to explore their roots.
Teach the language to sharpen critical thinking skills by comparing the structure of the different languages.

Mr.SpanÚ is the author of several books and tapes for students of Italian.
NEL LABIRINTO DEI VERBI - A series of reference books designed to explore all aspects of Italian verbs: conjugation, pronunciation, usage, etc.. An original and effective approach to the world of Italian verbs.
A series of workbooks aimed at reinforcing the student's knowledge of grammar, syntax and vocabulary. Each volume consists of exercises focusing on those aspects of the Italian language most difficult to master for English speaking students of Italian.
A series of readings in Italian on audiocassette (some on audio CD), recorded by native Italian speakers. This series aims at improving listening comprehension and introducing specific vocabulary to students of all levels.
A series of tapes for beginning students, aimed at reinforcing knowledge of sentence patterns. Exercises are based on repetition and transformation of Italian patterns most commonly misused by English speaking students. All instructions are in English. The written text includes examples and model sentences.
A series of eight tapes for beginning and intermediate students. It aims at reinforcing the student's ability to recall automatically verb endings, without focusing attention on meaning or syntax. Verb forms are drilled by means of repetition and transformation. The accompanying booklets provide model verb conjugations and instructions in English.

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