Jane W Sneed

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 Phone (415) 920-6042
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 Spring 2014 
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Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
LERN 53B Standardized Exams:CBEST 0.5 34996 G61 Lec SAT 01:00-04:50PM 03/08-03/08 MUB A240 Deadlines Final Book SAT 01:00-04:50PM 03/22-03/22 MUB A240 TRST 0037 High School Learning Lab 0.0
Advise: Placement into TRST 0037
46577 701 NCr M W 10:30-12:50PM 01/13-05/23 1125 Valencia St. A304 Book TRST 2422 Math Skills Lab 0.0 46620 704 NCr M W 10:30-12:50PM 1125 Valencia St.  Book TRST 4604 Vocational Foundation Skills 0.0
Advise: TRST 4603 or placement into TRST 4604
46947 G04 NCr MTWR 02:00-04:00PM 01/21-05/14 CLOU U224 Book

Bachelor of Arts, Mills College; Master of Arts, San Francisco State University

Jane Sneed is currently serving as the Department Chairperson for the Transitional Studies Department.

Jane thinks that education makes life more interesting and strives to inspire students to enjoy learning.

Ms. Sneed is currently serving as the Secretary for the Department Chair Council and has held various officer positions with the CCSF Academic Senate Executive Council.

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