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 Spring 2014 
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Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
ESL 110 Introductory Academic ESL 6.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 110
31566 002 Lec M W F 09:10-11:00AM MUB A160 Deadlines Final Book ESLN 3350 Beginning High 3-4 Intensive 0.0
ADVISE: Completion of ESLN 3200 (Beginning High 2)
41949 101 NCr MTWR 01:10-03:25PM BNGL A713 Book

B.A., University of California, Los Angeles; M.A., University of San Francisco

Ms. Smith has been teaching at CCSF since 1984. She has often served on the ESL Credit curriculum committee, and has written curriculum for both the credit and non-credit divisions of the ESL department. She participates in inter-disciplinary activities, training, and committees, mentors graduate students, and reads placement writing samples. For the academic year 2012-2013, she co-chaired the ESL Credit Curriculum Committee and worked on a number of course outlines. She has also been piloting a Reading Tutoring service for our ESL Center for Learning and Academic Development. Recently, she has served on a number of college-wide committees: the Educational Master Plan committee; the Eligibility Requirements Report committee; and served on the team for Standard IIIB for the College's Self-Evaluation.

She states that "Community Colleges are the heart of education in the United States and it is the students who make the college a dynamic arena for education. I understand that my ESL students are not majoring in English. They need English to take classes in their fields of study. Writing skills are learned by writing. Students need to be curious, inquisitive and open. It is the job of the instructor to arouse curiosity, model inquisitiveness, and provide a learning environment where students feel respected, inspired and encouraged. ESL students need explicit instruction in grammar. Grammar does not 'come along'. I teach my students how to be their own best editors."

Ms. Smith helped implement district-wide white paper recycling in the late 1980's and worked on a student/faculty/administrator district committee to establish an environmental policy for CCSF. The Sustainability Plan was Board approved in 2009. She worked with colleague Joy Durighello to plant oak trees on a northern slope of CCSF's campus. Other activities include being an S.F. Schools Volunteer and Community Organizer. As a community organizer, she coordinated w/Friends of the Urban Forest to plant 200 street trees, which entailed recruiting homeowners, schools, businesses and churches, organized a community fair at Palega Playground and coordinated volunteers drawn from E.R. Taylor Elementary school, S.F. Recreation and Park, and the neighborhood to provide Spanish and Chinese translation, established and worked with Friends of Portola to advocate for the renovation of the Palega children’s playground, organized and coordinated a collaboration between SF Rec and Park and E.R. Taylor Elementary School for an Arbor Day tree planting and celebration, secured a grant for a public bulletin board for Palega playground, organized a Career Fair event at E.R. Taylor Elementary School as part of a College Bound program where over a dozen working professionals, including a clothing designer, a stagecraft designer and play director, a retired U.S. Air Force pilot, a fine artist, a doctor, and a photographer met with students and their families, organized 2 community Safety Fests and coordinated volunteers, and was the grant writer and project manager for the Alemany Island Beautification Project (the installation of a 50' mural on a freeway pillar, the installation of a garden at the foot of the mural, and the installation of 48 art panels along Alemany Boulevard and San Bruno Avenue).

She is also a published fiction writer, whose works include: "Someone in the Neighborhood," Ms. Magazine, Aug 1986; "Prima Donna", Other Voices, vol. 2, #6/7, F'87; "At Birth", Fiction, vol. 9, #3, F'90; "Collect Calls", Fiction, vol. 11, #1, S'92; "Our Last Flight", Painted Hills, #4, F '91; "On the Alameda", Seventeen, September '92; "Born Again", Painted Hills, #5, W '92; "Imposters", Painted Hills, #9, S'93; "Devil's Slide", Sequoia, vol. 34/35, F'93; "Safe", Bamboo Ridge, #69, S'96; and "Dryspell," Bamboo Ridge, #73, S '98.

Ms. Smith loves the out of doors and spends her free time hiking, reading, playing ping-pong, and puttering around the house.

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