Caroline A Priestley

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 Phone (415) 452-7219
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 Spring 2014 
 Office Hours
Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
ESL 160 High-Advanced Academic ESL 4.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 160 or completion of ESL 150. Requires an additional 1 hour.
32285 501 C/L T R 06:40-08:50PM HC A202 Deadlines Final Book ESLN 3140 Beginning 1-4 Multi-level 0.0
ADVISE: Literate in native language
45027 101 NCr M W 06:40-08:55PM BNGL A706 Book

M.A. Applied Linguistics and TESOL (University of Leicester, United Kingdom)
M.Litt Comparative and General Literature (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

Prof. Priestley has been teaching at CCSF since 2012. She has also taught at the University of California at Berkeley Extension and at the University of San Francisco.

Having taught in Turkey, Japan, Jordan and South Africa as well as the United States, she believes in creating an intercultural community in her classroom, in which students learn about each other's cultures as they develop their ESL skills.

She was Coordinator of the Institute for International Students at City College of San Francisco for two years. She is currently co-chair of the ESL Credit Curriculum Committee.

She wrote online materials for the Oxford Q: Skills for Success series, and she has written ESL testing and business English materials. She also wrote for the BBC World Service's series on literature, Novel Ways.

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