David L Potts

Photo of David L Potts Department Social Sciences Deparment 
 Office Batmale Hall 669
 Mailbox L140
 E-Mail dpotts@ccsf.edu
 Spring 2014 
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Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
PHIL 2 Intro to Phil: Moral & Politic 3.0 30408 001 Lec M W F 09:10-10:00AM CLOU U259 Deadlines Final Book 31940 003 Lec M W F 11:10-12:00PM ART U313 Deadlines Final Book PHIL 40 Logic: Intro to Critical Think 3.0 31650 002 Lec M W F 10:10-11:00AM ARTX U261 Deadlines Final Book

Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2011
Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1992

Prof. Potts has been teaching at CCSF since 2013

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