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 Spring 2014 
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Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
COMP 9903 Software Update 0.0
ADVISE: Windows OS Basics, ESL Level 6 or above
46883 501 NCr F 08:15-11:05AM 04/11-05/16 88 4th St. N516 Book COMP 9949 Dreamweaver I 0.0
ADVISE: COMP 9245, 9905, 9947 or equivalent, ESL Level 6+
46345 501 NCr SAT 09:00-11:50AM 01/11-02/08 88 4th St. N516 Book
Program Certificate Enrollment:
46654 502 NCr SAT 09:00-11:50AM 04/12-05/10 88 4th St. N516 Book COMP 9952 Internet & E-mail 0.0
ADVISE:COMP 9942, 9905, 9947 or equivalent, ESL Level 6+
45974 201 NCr SAT 09:00-11:50AM 02/22-03/22 88 4th St. N516 Book COMP 9957 Photoshop Elements I 0.0
ADVISE: COMP 9245, COMP 9905, or equivalent; ESLN 5/6
46743 503 NCr F 08:15-11:05AM 01/10-02/21 88 4th St. N516 Book COMP 9958 Photoshop Elements II 0.0
ADVISE: COMP 9245, COMP 9905, or equivalent, COMP 9957; ESLN 5/6
46744 501 NCr F 08:15-11:05AM 02/28-03/28 88 4th St. N516 Book COMP 9959 Photoshop Elements 0.0
ADVISE: COMP 9245, COMP 9905, or equivalent; ESLN 5/6
46549 502 NCr F 11:10-01:25PM 88 4th St. N516 Book
Program Certificate Enrollment:
COMP 9967 Google Apps for Business I 0.0
ADVISE: ESL 6+, COMP 9245, or COMP 9905, or COMP 9889
46498 502 NCr T R 05:30-07:45PM 01/14-03/18 88 4th St. N516 Book COMP 9968 Google Apps for Business II 0.0
ADVISE: ESL 6+, COMP 9245, or COMP 9905, or COMP 9889
46503 502 NCr T R 05:30-07:45PM 03/20-05/22 88 4th St. N516 Book

M.A. Media Studies,
New School University, New York, NY 2000

B.A. English Literature / Latin, Cum Laude,
University Scholar
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 1989

Prof. McNeal has been teaching at CCSF since 2004.

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I am particularly interested in helping students develop cross application digital literacy. By providing a clear conceptual overview followed by step-by-step instruction and materials, I help students develop a strong foundation in digital media production essentials.

To augment this process, I often create instructional materials on the spot, first showing, then typing up the words that convey what was just demonstrated. This is extremely difficult to do but well worth the effort because it offers students a critical bridge between the language they hear, the language they need to repeat to themselves, and the actions associated with the language.

Finally, I emphasize problem solving. I think it is vital that students learn how to figure things out using online resources, experimentation and common sense. Most students will not have the luxury of being in an instructor-led environment all of the time. I speak to that reality and encourage their discovery and research skills from the very first class.


Graphic Design &> Desktop Publishing: Photoshop, InDesign, Publisher
Web Production: HTML, Fundamentals of Web Design, DreamWeaver
Animation: Flash
Office Productivity: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook
Computer Basics: Intro to Windows, Internet Basics
Employment Readiness: Keyboarding, Job Skills, Resume Writing


April 2007
'be honest'
million fishes art collective

January 2007
mapp retrospective
mission cultural center for latino arts

October 2006
'i follow a terrible profession'
million fishes art collective

April 2006
'empirical nostalgia'
million fishes art collective


Alternative Lecture Series @ San Francisco Art Institute - Graduate Center
Social Media &> the Alternative Narrative
May 2007


"Crossover: How Artists Build Careers across Commercial, Nonprofit and Community Work." by Ann Markusen, Professor of Planning &> Public Policy. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota. 2006


As a multimedia artist, I like creating and layering analog and digital material and am particularly interested in how these separate sources imitate and compete with each other within a piece and in general. Until now, this exploration has mostly occurred through sound design and flash animation.

Recently, I have been making mixed media images using black and white film photography, pencil and ink drawings, screen prints, and Photoshop. I love working with film, manual cameras, silkscreen, wood, paper, and ink. Just working with hand held tools and materials makes things feel simple and immediate. The April 2007 show at Million Fishes gave me a concrete venue for displaying some work - I was able to present four pieces for the show. The experience was an introduction to many new tools and techniques and has left me excited to keep exploring and making new work.

I still enjoy working with digital media and have started a new web-based project that will house my animation, illustration, audio and video pieces. The project is called Imaginopedia and uses the open source MediaWiki platform developed by the people behind Wikipedia.

Part personal art context and part public (and completely editable) site for anyone's work, Imaginopedia is an online encyclopedia that encourages users to collaboratively create an alternative set of "facts" based on the imagination. Imaginopedia gives me a way to explore what it means to represent / depict things through text and images while promoting the imagination and intuition as alternative sources of truth.

Currently, Imaginopedia is open to the public. Anyone can create an account and start adding / editing content. In May 2007, I will invite artists to submit their work for inclusion and collaboration with other artists.

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