Darrell Koji Lim

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 E-Mail dklim@ccsf.edu
 Spring 2014 
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Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
PHYC 2AL Intro to Physics Laboratory 1.0
COREQ.:Completion/concurrent enrollment in PHYC 2A
35161 005 Lab R 02:10-05:00PM SCIE U178 Deadlines Book PHYC 2B Introductory Physics 3.0
35146 501 L/C T R 07:10-09:00PM SCIE A300 Deadlines Final Book PHYC 10L Conceptual Physics Laboratory 1.0
PREREQ.: Completion/concurrent enrollment in PHYC 10
35149 003 Lab R 08:10-11:00AM SCIE U158 Deadlines Book

Master of Science, Physics w/ Astronomy Research
Bachelor of Science, Physics w/ minor in Human Communications

Prof. Lim has been teaching at CCSF since 2013

My goal, today, is to make learning as fun and easy as it should be.
Education should be easily attainable for a diverse set of students and it shouldn't have to be considered a chore or obligation.

I am involved with different groups and hobbies, including improvisation, urban gaming, social dancing, and travel.

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