Anne K Gougoutas

Photo of Anne K Gougoutas Department Transitional Studies Department 
 Office John Adams
 Phone (415) 561-1013
 Mailbox JAD
 Spring 2014 
 Office Hours
Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
TRST 0038 Orientation to Academic Succes 0.0 46639 201 NCr R 09:00-10:20AM 1860 Hayes St.  Book TRST 0040 GED Preparation 0.0
Advise: TRST 0039 or placement in TRST 0040
44379 201 NCr M 08:15-01:05PM 1860 Hayes St. U218 Book TWR 08:15-01:05PM 1860 Hayes St. U218 TRST 3333 Elements of Speech 0.0 46602 201 NCr T R 08:15-10:35AM 1860 Hayes St. U216 Book TRST 3532 High School U.S. History 2 0.0
Advise: Placement into TRST 3532
46216 201 NCr T R 04:30-06:50PM 1860 Hayes St. U216 Book
TRST 3532-201 is part of the HS Credit Recovery Program. Call (415)550-4444.
46834 202 NCr T R 10:45-01:05PM 1860 Hayes St. U216 Book

B.A., Reed College; M.A., San Francisco State University

Ms. Gougoutas has been teaching at CCSF for the past 7 years.

Her classes are intended to provide students with the tools to be happy, self-actualizing, community members. She feels that &>quot;all education is self-education!&>quot;

Ms. Gougoutas has been involved in the SCANS committee, Project Voice, Program Re-design (Transitional Studies), and is Coordinator of Transitional Studies at the John Adams Campus. She is also involved in

Her extracurricular activities include raising her five year old son, yoga and home-making.

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