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 Spring 2014 
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Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
HLTH 80 Interpreting in Health Care I 6.0 34890 001 Lec T R 05:10-08:00PM MUB A330 Deadlines Final Book
PREREQ HLTH 84 and admission into the HCI Program.
HLTH 81 Interpreting in Health Care II 6.0
31424 648 Lec SAT 01:40-04:30PM MUB A361 Deadlines Final Book SAT 09:10-12:00PM MUB A361 HLTH 82 Field Exp in Hlth Care Inter 3.0
31425 501 Con R 05:40-08:30PM MUB A361 Deadlines Final Book

B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz; M.P.H., San Jose State University

Ms. Goodfriend-Koven has been teaching at CCSF since 2002.

She states: &>quot;Learning is dynamic, a process of exchanging and changing. We learn for ourselves, and also to share our knowledge with our communities. My courses all involve the practical application of theory and course content within a community setting. Within the broad definition of health - students work in the areas most interesting and relevant to their experience. They work on personal transformation, and also at improving the health of their community.

A particular concern is finding ways to eliminate health disparities so that all people can count on the same potential for a long and healthy life. I see students as change-agents who can begin to build towards equality in health for all. As an instructor, I too, am constantly learning from my students, and from the experiences of the 21st century. The classroom becomes a &>quot;laboratory&>quot; for students and for the instructor.&>quot;

Ms. Goodfriend-Koven is a member of the Northern California Society of Public Health Educators. She is on the board of directors of California Healthcare Interpreting Association and Walden Center and School. She also volunteers at La Pe&>ntilde;a.

Extracurricular activities: She loves to camp and hike, listen to and play music, grow organic vegetables and enjoy time with her extended family.

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