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 Spring 2014 
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Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
ENGL 26 Study & Use of English Grammar 3.0
ADVISE: Completion/concurrent enrollment in ENGL 90 or higher, or ESL 150 or higher
34494 001 Lec T R 11:10-12:25PM BATL U411 Deadlines Final Book ENGL 92 Basic Reading and Writing II 3.0
PREREQ.: ENGL 91, 90 or placement in ENGL 92 ADVISE: Completion/Concurrent Enrollment in ENGL 9. Also requires 16 hours in the lab by arrangement
34233 X11 Com M W F 10:10-12:00PM CLOU U266 Deadlines Final Book
Driving Question:" How can we achieve success?"
35982 X15 Com MTWR 12:40-01:55PM SCIE U303 Deadlines Book

B.A., University of California, Berkeley (1990); M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison (1991, 1999).

Professor Denney has been a member of the CCSF faculty since 1997.

She is dedicated to broadening educational opportunities for those traditionally excluded from higher education. As a teacher, she is tough and holds her students to a high standard, but she is also readily available to help her students to learn and succeed.

For nine years, Dr. Denney served as the Basic Skills Coordinator for the English Department and was and remains heavily involved in research and innovative curriculum. She runs or serves on many of the committees which develop innovative curriculum such as that for English 91 and the accelerated/intensive English 9293 and 96/1A. She has frequently served on her department's Curriculum Committee and various level committees. Previously, she was the English Department Assessment Coordinator and level coordinator for English 93, and she continues to remain heavily involved in assessment in her department.

Dr. Denney has also served on the campus-wide Basic Skills Committee and on the Basic Skills Initiative. Currently, she is involved with two Academic Senate committees: she chairs the Professional Development Activities Committee and serves as a member on the Educational Policies committee. She also serves on the Faculty Association Planning Committee.

In 2005, Dr. Denney attended the month-long Kellogg Institute for Developmental Educators in Boone, North Carolina. She is a member of the National Association of Developmental Educators and has given presentations at several national conventions.

She also is remotely involved in the Nancy W. Denney Scholarship for Single Parents Committee at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, which provides scholarships and a residence for single parents attending that school.

Dr. Denney also was a member of the team that won the BSI 2009 grant, organized a Summer Leadership Institute at San Francisco State, and created the California Community Colleges Success Network (3CSN), which provides professional development to community colleges throughout the California.

Dr. Denney's hobby is lifelong learning. She reads just about everything she can get her hands on, from psychology, history, political science, and economics, to classical and contemporary literature, graphic novels, and science fiction. Not surprisingly, she is addicted to podcasts, in particular This American Life, Radiolab, Planet Money, Freakonomics Radio, 99% Invisible,and various history and science podcasts. She frequently watches TED Talks and RSA videos.

Finally, travel, by car or plane, national or international, is her passion. When she has time and money, she loves to experience different cultures firsthand.

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