Korey G Brunetti

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 Spring 2014 
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Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
LI S 10 Use of Information Resources 1.0
ADVISE: ESL 150 or placement in ESL 160
34172 111 Lec T 12:45-02:50PM 03/17-05/14 LIBR U414 Deadlines Final Book
This class is part of the African America Scholastic Program, the APASS Program, The Latino Services Network, and the Tulay Filipino-American Student Success Program.

M.L.I.S., San Jose State University
B.A., Bradford College

Prof. Brunetti has been teaching at CCSF since 2013

I've been teaching information skills courses since 2006 (previously at CSU, East Bay) and follow an activities-based approach to learning. Students in my courses will read, write, perform group and solo activities, and reflect on their work. It's my goal to help students personally connect with the "why" questions that drive the research process, in order to make the process more meaningful, and ultimately prepare them to succeed at four year institutions or on the job.

I'm a member of the Teaching and Learning with Technology Roundtable. I love experimenting with technology in the classroom as a means to boost student engagement and help students manage resources.

Hofer, A. R. &> Townsend, L. &> Brunetti, K.(2012). Troublesome Concepts and Information Literacy: Investigating Threshold Concepts for IL Instruction. portal: Libraries and the Academy 12(4), 387-405. The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Brunetti, K., Hofer, A.R. &> Townsend, L. (2010, October). Expert opinions: Investigating threshold concepts for information literacy instruction. Presentation at the Library Research Seminar V at the University of Marylandís College of Information Studies, College Park, MD.

Townsend, L., Hofer A.R. &> Brunetti, K. (2011). Threshold concepts and information literacy. portal: Libraries and the Academy. 11(3), 853-869.

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