Leslie K Yim

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 Office Cloud Hall 238
 Phone (415) 239-3949
 Mailbox S91
 E-Mail lyim@ccsf.edu
 Spring 2013 
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Spring 2013 Teaching Schedule
DMI 50A Intro To Med Radiography 3.0
PREREQ.: Admission to the curriculum in Radiologic Technology Open to accepted DMI or RTT program students only.
35908 001 Lec M W 12:10-01:00PM CLOU A243ADeadlines Book 35909 002 Lab M 09:10-12:40PM 01/27-05/19 CLOU U240 Deadlines Book WAIT LIST 35910 003 Lab W 09:10-12:00PM CLOU U240 Deadlines Book RTT 61 Clinical Radiation Therapy I 3.0
PREREQ.: DMI 49, 50A, 52, HLTH 14 COREQ.: RTT 71, DMI 50B, DMI 57
33078 001 Lab M W 01:10-05:00PM HOS  Deadlines Book M W 08:10-12:00PM HOS  RTT 64 Clinical Radiation Therapy IV 6.0
PREREQ.: RTT 63, RTT 81, RTT 82, RTT 83 COREQ.: RTT 84, RTT 85, RTT 86
33077 001 Lab M W 08:10-12:00PM HOS  Deadlines Book T RF 01:10-05:00PM  T RF 08:10-12:00PM HOS  RTT 71 Orientation to Radiation Thera 4.5
33096 001 Lec T 01:10-04:00PM CLOU U240 Deadlines Final Book RTT 85 Radiation Biology 2.0
PREREQ.: RTT 81, RTT 82, RTT 83, RTT 63 COREQ.: RTT 84, RTT 86, RTT 64
33076 001 Lec M 03:40-05:55PM 01/27-05/19 CLOU U240 Deadlines Final Book

A.A., City College of San Francisco; B.A., San Francisco State University

Les Yim was born and raised in San Francisco, graduated from the CCSF Radiography Program in 1975, and began teaching here in 1982. He served as Radiologic Technology Department Chair for 17 years, overseeing both the Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology Programs. He is a member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, California Society of Radiologic Technologists, and past-President of the Radiology Educators of California.

Mr. Yim is also a professional musician. He has played drums since grammar school and is a long-time member of &>quot;Expo,&>quot; a popular band that has performed regularly in the Bay Area for 30 years.

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