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 Spring 2013 
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Spring 2013 Teaching Schedule
MATH 40 Elementary Algebra 4.0
PREREQ.: MATH E1 or E3 or MATH 35 or 835; OR placement in MATH 40 or 840
30664 001 L/C MTWRF 08:10-09:00AM ARTX U275 Deadlines Final Book MATH 60 Intermediate Algebra 4.0
PREREQ.: MATH 40 or 840; OR placement into MATH 60 or 860 ADVISE: MATH 50 or 850 or 55 or 855
30705 012 L/C MTWRF 12:10-01:00PM BATL U653 Deadlines Final Book
MATH 60-012 is partnered with the African American Scholastic Programs. For more information call 452-5315 or visit the Rosenberg Library 209.
30701 014 L/C MTWRF 01:10-02:00PM BATL U653 Deadlines Final Book
MATH 60-014 is partnered with TULAY, the Filipino American Student Success Center. For more information call 452-5922 or visit Cloud 363.
MATH 90 Advanced Algebra 4.0
PREREQ.: MATH 60 or 860 AND MATH 50 or 850 or 55 or 855
30581 002 L/C MTWRF 09:10-10:00AM ARTX U275 Deadlines Final Book WAIT LIST

MS in Applied Mathematics from California State University, East Bay
BA in Applied Mathematics from University of California, Berkeley

Prof. Page II has been teaching at CCSF since 2012

Mathematics is the language that describes the world around us. In my courses I try to bring out and cultivate skills and mathematical vocabulary scholars already have to help them describe the world in which they come from and the world in which they live in.

My hobbies include Basketball, Traveling, learning languages in addition to more math and getting to know people

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