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 Spring 2013 
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LALS 1 Latino/a Diaspora: The Impact 3.0
ADVISE: ENGL 92 or ESL 160 or placement in ENGL 93 or 94
32272 001 Lec M W F 11:10-12:00PM ART U314 Deadlines Final Book 32273 002 Lec T R 09:40-10:55AM CLOU U266 Deadlines Final Book 32512 003 Lec T R 11:10-12:25PM SCIE U311 Deadlines Final Book 34403 005 Lec M W F 09:10-10:00AM BNGL A702 Deadlines Final Book 34405 006 Lec T R 08:10-09:25AM ART U313 Deadlines Final Book

Attended City College of San Francisco
San Francisco State University, B.A. International Relations
Ohio University, MAIA, Latin American Studies
Ph.D candidate in Politics at University of California at Santa Cruz

Prof. Mojica has been teaching at CCSF since 2001.

My educational philosophy focuses on stregthening the students' abilities to critically analize their world and to become active and engaged participants in their education. In the classroom, I promote the idea of a "learning community," a safe space where students can share their ideas, opinions and life histories as important to enriching the community's knowledge. Furthermore, students are asked to work individually and collaboratively in the classroom, as forms of learning and processing the course materials and their overall educational experience. Finally, my goal is to provide students with important tools necessary for enabling their success at the City College of San Francisco, the University and beyond...

Mentor, Men's Support Group, Latino Services Network. Faculty Advisor, La Raza Unida, Spring 2002-Spring 2003.


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Nicaraguans in Miami: Developing a Transnational Civil Society. Presented at Mid-Atlantic Congress of Latin American Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University. April 8, 2005.
Adding diversity: What's the difference? Panel at the Independent Sector conference in Kansas City, MO, November 1997


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Liliana Castro &> Marco Mojica. Guia para escribir propuestas The Foundation Center, 2001. 3rd Edition. P. 252

Latin American Studies Association (LASA)
Latino Educational Association (LEA)

Prof. Mojica loves music and plays guitar and congas with his children.

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