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 Spring 2013 
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Spring 2013 Teaching Schedule
F SC 17 Publ Safety-Emerg Med Response 3.0 32805 551 Lec R 06:30-09:20PM 1125 Valencia St. A271 Deadlines Final Book F SC 105B Fire Training Work Experience 1.0
PREREQ.: F SC 50 Repeat: F SC 105 A, B, C, D, and E combined, maximum credit: 7 units
31436 001 Con HOURS ARR SF Airport  Deadlines Book
This class will remain closed until 1/13/14. This class is concurrent enrollment with FSC 111-32663. Add stickers to be added on the FIRST meeting of F SC 111 32663 on 1/13/14.
F SC 105D Fire Training Work Experience 2.0
PREREQ.: F SC 50 Repeat: F SC 105 A, B, C, D, and E combined, maximum credit: 7 units
31437 001 Con HOURS ARR BATL U222 Deadlines Book WAIT LIST
Required meetings are: Tuesday: 1/7/14, Thursday: 3/20/14 & 5/15/14 from 1-3 pm in BATL 222 (orientation, resume writing, and collection of paperwork. For further details fot to: www.ccsf.edu/firework.
F SC 111 Firefighter One Academy 11.0
PREREQ.: F SC 50, F SC 115 and HLTH 17/ F SC 17, PE 29 and clearance from licensed physician COREQ.: F SC 105A or 105B ADVISE: PE 50C; and F SC 52A or 53 or 55 or 57 or 61A or 64
32663 601 L/L SAT 01:00-05:50PM SF Airport  Deadlines Final Book SAT 08:00-11:50AM SF Airport  T R 06:00-09:50PM SF Airport
There will be a MANDATORY pre-academy required meeting on Monday: 1/13/14 from 6-9pm at the Airport Campus Room 8. Students enrolled in F SC 111 or attempting to add F SC 111 MUST be present for this meeting. F SC 105B-001 required enrollment, add stickers will be issued with F SC 111 first night of fire academy. PE 29 is enforced as a pre-requisite. Saturday sessions will meet on additional dates.

A.A., City College of San Francisco, B.A., Teaching Credential, M.A., San Francisco State University

Prof. Long has been teaching at CCSF since 1996

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