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 Spring 2013 
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Spring 2013 Teaching Schedule
IDST 17 Human Sexuality 3.0 31031 003 Lec T R 08:10-09:25AM VART A114 Deadlines Final Book LGBT 12 Homosexuality in Recent Cinema 3.0 34865 001 Lec R 02:10-05:00PM CLOU U246 Deadlines Final Book WOMN 10 Women and Film 3.0 35063 001 Lec T 04:10-07:00PM CLOU U246 Deadlines Final Book

*Academic Degrees & Institutions Granting each Degree*

BA, Creative Writing/English Literature, U.C. Davis
MFA, Film Production, San Francisco State University
MA, Film Studies, "ABT" (All But Thesis), SFSU

Prof. Brownsey has been teaching at CCSF since August 1999. Went into 'permanent Part-Time' position, August 2000, until...?

"Instructional--Educational Philosophy &> Goals*
It has always been my experience that students learn more from each other than from their instructor. Therefore, I believe, It is my role, as instructor, to guide, challenge and help each student find their 'voice.' All of us learn 80% visually, only 11% aurally (hearing). So: mini-lectures and 'tasks"--in-class directed assignments, working with each other in groups, etc. More fun that way.

**For Film classes** "For every student who enters the room, that many versions of the film will leave..." (--mb). Each of us will 'see' or 'read' the film slightly or enormously differently. Hence, the 40-45 versions 'leaving' the class.

My job is to destroy how my students 'read' Hollywood mainstream films: forever. This does not mean they can not 'enjoy' these films. It does mean, that if a racist, hetero-sexist/queer-phobic, classist, or any other damaging depiction of a marginalized group, doesn't bother 'you,' *at least a little bit*: I haven't done my job.

Oh, and, if 'we' can't get a in few good laughs--we're not paying attention..! <;-0

*Non-Instructional Activities*
Writer, film/video-maker, former stand-up comic, solo mulit-media performance artist..and anything else that pays cash money (in the arts, that is...).

Paying rent.

**Books published--ETC.**
"Is It a Date or Just Coffee?" A Gay Girl's Guide to Dating, Sex &> Romance, Alyson Publications, (c) 2002. (Books two &> three in progress.)
Columnist, weekly Q &> A, for (one year)
Columnist--essayist--for (3.5 yrs)
Instructor, Harvey Milk Institute (as long as it existed: 4-5 years?)


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