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HLTH 36 Health at Every Size 3.0
ADVISE: ENGL 92 or ESL 150 or placement in ENGL 93 or ESL 160
36059 001 Lec M W 12:10-02:45PM 03/03-05/19 MUB A370 Deadlines Final Book 35614 002 Lec T R 12:10-02:00PM 02/11-05/20 MUB A255 Deadlines Final Book HLTH 53 Health in Society 3.0
ADVISE: ESL 92 or ESL 150 or placement in ENGL 93; or ESL 160.
31294 004 Lec T R 09:40-10:55AM MUB A380 Deadlines Final Book 34889 007 Lec T R 02:10-03:25PM MUB A357 Deadlines Final Book

Ph.D., University of California, Davis (Physiology);
M.A., San Francisco State University (Exercise Science);
M.A., Naropa Institute (Psychotherapy);
B.A., Wesleyan University.

Dr. Bacon has been teaching at CCSF since 2001.

Linda Bacon, PhD, is a scientist and internationally recognized authority on weight and health. A nutrition professor and researcher, she holds graduate degrees in physiology, psychology, and exercise metabolism, with a specialty in nutrition. She has conducted federally funded studies on diet and health and published in influential, peer-reviewed journals.

Bacon is a Professor at City College of San Francisco.Bacon. She earned her PhD in physiology from the University of California, Davis, where she also currently serves as an Associate Nutritionist. She is also Her research has been supported by grants from the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Institutes of Health.

Bacon’s latest scientific review, published in Nutrition Journal, has been influential in challenging the public health discourse and ranks as “most-highly accessed.” It examines the scientific literature on weight and health and determines that weight-focused public health policy is ineffective and damaging. Its conclusions call for a paradigm shift towards evidence-based health care based on non-discrimination.

Bacon’s advocacy for Health at Every Size has a large following on the international lecture circuit and in social media. She is the author of a book, Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight, that Prevention Magazine considers the “Bible” of the alternative health movement. A top seller among Amazon’s health titles, it is favorably reviewed by both health professionals and lay people. Her recent interviews include media outlets such as the New York Times, London Sunday Times, ABC Nightly News with Diane Sawyer, and magazines including Prevention, Glamour, Cooking Light, and National Geographic. Well known for her political and social commentary, she writes a “health expert” column for the Huffington Post and the Association for Size Diversity and Health. Her forthcoming book, Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, or Just Fail to Understand, is a crash course in what you need to know about bodies and health, and will be followed shortly by her next book, Eat Well: For your Self, For the World, a handbook for cutting neurosis from our daily diets and, in the process, improving our health and the health of our world.

Dr. Bacon has been involved in the CCSF Sexual Harassment Committee, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Committee and Multi-Cultural Infusion Project.

Dr. Bacon is the author of Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight (

See www.LindaBacon.Org.

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