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Spring 2012 Teaching Schedule
MATH 40 Elementary Algebra 4.0
PREREQ.: MATH E1 or E3 or MATH 35 or 835; OR placement in MATH 40 or 840
32263 831 Onl HOURS ARR  Deadlines Book T 08:10-09:00AM ARTX U180 32554 832 Onl HOURS ARR  Deadlines Book R 08:10-09:00AM ARTX U180
MATH 40-831 & 832 are online classes Mandatory Orientation, Weekly meetings, Midterm and Final exams at 8:10-9AM in ARTX 180, Ocean Campus. Sec 831 meets Tuesday & Sec 832 on Thursday. For course details, students must check instructor's website at For information about online courses, go to

B. S. in Mathematics from Yale University
Ph. D. in Mathematics from the University at California at Berkeley

Mr. Teti was first hired as an LTS for the Fall of 1995. He was hired tenure-track starting in the Fall of 1996. You can find a little more information about his classes at

I try my best to instill in my students a sense of the beauty and wonder inherent in mathematics. I want my students to have a positive attitude toward the subject matter. I work hard to motivate them to leave the classroom eager to crack open their texts and start their homework. I hope they will someday feel the sense of empowerment that comes form having mastered as much mathematics as they possibly can.

I am the Academic Senate President for 2013-2014. All faculty (instructors, counselors, and librarians) may contact me if they have questions or concerns about academic and professional matters. (Not wages and working conditions; those go to AFT.)
I am the chair of the Education Policies Committee and a member of the Participatory Governance Council. I am a co-advisor of CCSF's Omega Chapter of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society.

I belong to the Council for Mathematics in the California Community Colleges (a.k.a. CMC3). I am a co-chair of the S.F. Pride's Safety Subcommittee.

Once a month some friends of mine and I get together and watch Dr. Who episodes.

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