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 Spring 2012 
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Spring 2012 Teaching Schedule
LERN 50 College Success 3.0 32081 831 Onl HOURS ARR  Deadlines Book 34651 832 Onl HOURS ARR  Deadlines Book
LERN 50-831 & 832 are online classes. Orientation online or on-campus on 1/16/14, 6-9pm in Cloud 115. For more course information, check the instructor's website at http://tinyurl.com/LERN50or55. Also, check your CCSF email for an Instructor Welcome Letter and log-on information the week prior to the start of the semester. For information about online courses go to http://www.ccsf.edu/online/courses.
LERN 55 Successful Online Learning 1.0 32794 8E1 Onl HOURS ARR 01/10-03/09  Deadlines Book 32795 8E2 Onl HOURS ARR 04/08-05/23  Deadlines Book 32796 8E3 Onl HOURS ARR 04/08-05/23  Deadlines Book
LERN 55- Sec 8E1, 8E2 & 8E3 are online courses. Orientation online or on-campus, 1/15/14, 6-9pm in Cloud 115. New students encouraged to attend on-campus orientation.VISIT INSTRUCTOR WEBSITE FOR ORIENTATION, LOG-IN & OTHER IMPORTANT INFO at http://tinyurl.com/LERN50or55 . ALSO CHECK YOUR CCSF G-MAIL FOR INSTRUCTOR WELCOME LETTER THE WEEK PRIOR TO START OF CLASS. For more information about online courses go to http://www.ccsf.edu/online/courses.

B.A., Anthropology, San Francisco State University.
M.A., Education, San Francisco State University. (emphasis instructional design and use of technology in instruction)
TESOL certificate University of California, Berkeley ext.

Instructor Stewart has taught at CCSF since 1999. She has taught in the classroom, through telecourse and online. Currently she teaches College Success (LERN 50) online and Successful online Learning (LERN 55), a course to help new or previously unsuccessful online learners. For more information about these courses, visit her instructor website:


Instructor Stewart also implemented the Mobile Learning Assistance Center through the Learning Assistance Department. This enables her to take online learning and tutoring to incarcerated youth in the San Francisco Juvenile Justice System and later refer them to CCSF's 2nd Chance Program when possible.

Instructor Stewart states: "my reason for teaching online is so that I can reach students who may otherwise be unable to attend college or who do not have time to come to campus for all their classes. This includes a range of students such as those with demanding family and work commitments and those who are institutionalized."

Her highest goal is to serve her students and to address their needs - mental, emotional and spiritual. She identifies with her students who struggle to juggle work, family and other compelling issues with getting an education, as she has. She also enjoys sharing her love of learning and encourages students to overcome obstacles which hinder their success.

Other hats Instructor Stewart wears include hosting and tutoring international students. She has been an international home-stay host for over twenty years. She loves reading multicultural literature and traveling, when she can, especially to the U.K. and The Gambia in West Africa where she has friends and family. She also enjoys writing and intellectual inquiry. She is currently exploring the ongoing discussion and debate about the connection between quantum physics and consciousness.

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