Ghislaine M Mazéé

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 Spring 2012 
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Spring 2012 Teaching Schedule
ENGL 91 Intro to Basic Reading & Writi 6.0
PREREQ.: ENGL L or placement in ENGL 90 or 91
32758 004 Com MTWRF 09:40-10:55AM ARTX U263 Deadlines Final Book ENGL 92 Basic Reading and Writing II 3.0
PREREQ.: ENGL 91, 90 or placement in ENGL 92 ADVISE: Completion/Concurrent Enrollment in ENGL 9. Also requires 16 hours in the lab by arrangement
34589 X09 Com M W F 11:10-01:00PM BATL U551 Deadlines Final Book
Driving question: What leads us to become violent?

BA, University of Chicago
MA, Stanford University

Prof. Maze has been teaching at CCSF since 2004.

Member of the Executive Council of the Academic Senate at CCSF, 2014-2016

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