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 Spring 2012 
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Spring 2012 Teaching Schedule
HIST 41A The African American in the US 3.0 30319 001 Lec M W F 10:10-11:00AM CLOU U221 Deadlines Final Book 30321 003 Lec T R 08:10-09:25AM CLOU U224 Deadlines Final Book HIST 41B The African American in the US 3.0 30323 001 Lec M W F 09:10-10:00AM CLOU U224 Deadlines Final Book 31244 002 Lec M W F 12:10-01:00PM ART U313 Deadlines Final Book 34133 111 Lec R 01:10-04:00PM SCIE U113 Deadlines Final Book
HIST 41B-111 is part of the African American Scholastic Prgoram. Call 4452-5315.
IDST 81A Diversity: Ageism & Adultism 1.0 34337 601 Lec SAT 10:10-06:00PM 03/08-03/15 MUB A170 Deadlines Final Book WAIT LIST
This class meets on 3/8/14 and 3/15/14 only. This course meets requirements for the Diversity and Social Justice Certificate.

San Francisco State University
Bachelors of Arts in American History
Masters of Arts in American History with special emphasis in African-American History and U.S. History of Ethnic and Race Relations

Prof. Dunn-Salahuddin has been teaching at CCSF since 2012

I strongly believe that the classroom can be a transformative space where one can begin to change the circumstances of their life through education.

African-American Scholastic Programs
CCSF Poetry for the People
African-American Studies Annual Winter Mixer
Black History Month

Katherine Dunham Center for the Arts and Humanities

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