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Getting your Class List

You can easily get a copy of your up-to-date class list from the Web.

Although there are several ways to do this, here's how to get the most current version of the list: one that's updated to include adds and drops virtually hourly.

  1. Go to the main CCSF Web page at www.ccsf.edu
  2. Click the Faculty/Staff Resources link
  3. On the left, click Online Records (Web4) or scroll down until you can click the link to Web 4
  4. Login:
    You can use either your SS# (just numbers - no dashes) or your W # ( including the W)
  5. Enter your PIN
    Your six digit birthdate (mmddyy - all numbers, two digits each for month, day and year) is your PIN unless you have changed it.
  6. Click to choose Faculty Services
  7. Click Summary Class List (unless you want to download an Excel file with a lot of extra class information, including student email addresses and a history of adds and drops)
  8. Use the down arrow to select the current semester and click Submit
  9. Use the down arrow to select your class' CRN number and click Submit

Movie demo of getting a class list

Now you can print the list: From the Top menu bar, choose File > Print

You can even go to Web grading from this page....

Here's a summary of how to get to your class list [Word]

Making a GroupWise group from classlist information

Many students (but not all) include an email address when they register. These addresses are included in classlist information. You can highlight these email addresses and copy them into an address field in the full Windows GroupWise program (you can't do so if you're using the browser version where you enter gww.ccsf.edu to get to your email). The BC field is probably best, for security reasons. Here's how [Word].


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