McAfee Antivirus Software

The college has a license agreement with Network Associates for PC and Mac virus programs. Under the terms of the license, instructors and students are allowed a copy for home use, as long as that copy is not given or sold to another party.

The programs and DAT files are located in CCSF Anonymous FTP server:

The programs can be directly downloaded using your web browser or FTP client, if your computer connects from CCSF domain; the DAT files can be downloaded from any computer in the universe;)

Users with active accounts on either FOG or HILLS can download the programs from those machines. The programs are in the /usr/local/antivirus subdirectory on each server.

In the subdirectory there are copies of the shareware PKUNZIP and WINZIP programs to extract and install the above.

Users may also use Kermit, ProCOMM, or BitCom communications software to download the programs from FOG or HILLS servers. Please check your software manuals for information on downloading.


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