Setting Up Your Departmental Home Page 1-2-3-4-5!

  1. Get a departmental web account.
    Fill out the on-line form at

  2. Get your page(s) ready.
    Many references are available online and offline to help you learn enough HTML to expand on the sample template and do complex pages. If you don't have the time or desire to do your own HTML, remember that lots of CCSF students are anxious to show off their skills. Hiring a student may be the way to go.

    Tech Notes:

    1. File extensions count. If you want the web server program to display your HTML code correctly, you must add either .html or .htm as a suffix to the name of your file. Likewise, graphics files most often sport the extensions .gif or .jpg.

    2. Case counts. The web server program runs on Unix, which is case-sensitive. If you name a file 'bingo.html' and then construct a link to that file as 'Bingo.html', the link won't work.

    3. Make your links portable. Whenever possible, make your links relative, not absolute. If you construct a link to a file that resides in the same directory, use just the filename in the link. Use the full http:// URL format only when you are accessing another machine.

    4. Give the right name to the file that's your starting point. Name the first file you want to display either 'index.html' or 'index.htm' - this is what the web server program displays automatically.
    5. CGI programs? If you wish to use online forms or any kind of CGI enabled pages, place your CGI programs in the cgi-bin directory of your department web site, (If your site does not have a cgi-bin directory, make one;) make the programs executable from your FTP client; in the web page refer to your CGI program as:
      /cgi-bin/cgiwrap/ACCOUNT/CGI PROGRAM NAME
      Where ACCOUNT is your department login account on and CGI PROGRAM NAME is the name of the program you have placed in your department web site cgi-bin directory.

  3. Get your work online. This means that you must upload your text and graphics files to your account on

  4. Check out your site by looking at
    where 'UserID' is the login id for your departmental account on www.
  5. Get linked to the www server! Send email to to get a link made from the CCSF home page ( to your departmental page.