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Starting Out

Core Course    


SMBU 9467 Getting Started

An overview of the requirements for a successful new business. Includes organizing a business, choosing the right location, leasing, scheduling the opening, getting necessary permits, licenses and insurance, equipping and stocking, and record keeping.


SMBU 9775 Business Plan

For pre-business and new business owners. Provides basic information on the initial planning process for a successful start-up and management of a new business.


SMBU 9777 Buying a Business Profitably

Discusses the basic steps involved in the purchase of a business. Topics include evaluation of the merits of the business, determination of purchase price, and financing of purchase.



SMBU 9451 Business Licenses and Permits

An overview of the various licenses and permits required to operate a small business.


SMBU 9781 Legal Structures for Business

An evaluation of each of the legal structures a business can assume. Topics include corporations, partnerships, sale proprietorships, the process of incorporation.


SMBU 9772 Finding the Right Location

Discussion of the considerations that should be made to insure the selection of the optimal business location. Topics include size requirements, neighborhood demographics, availability of services, codes and zoning regulations and competition.


SMBU 9782 Home-Based Business

A practical overview of operating a home-based business. Topics include licenses and permits, equipment, procedures, and commonly encountered problems.


SMBU 9439 Selling a Business

Selling owners will learn how to prepare their businesses for sale to gain the most benefits while being fair to buyers. Pricing the business, negotiating, understanding offers and counter offers, and the escrow process will be included. Other topics are working with brokers and selling it yourself.

Total Hours
Offered by the Small Business Institute 415.267.6577

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