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Core Course   


SMBU 9462 Marketing Analysis

An overview of the material needed to make intelligent marketing decisions. Prepares the student to put together a marketing program.


SMBU 9470 Marketing Strategy

Introduction to marketing strategy. An overview of the objectives, and components necessary to design a strategy to meet the needs of the small business.


SMBU 9471 Pricing Products and Services

A broad discussion of the factors affecting pricing. Includes government regulations and specific pricing policies established by manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and the service industry.


SMBU 9450 Effective Advertising

Development of advertising skills for the small business operator. Includes: budget, selection of medium, motivation, use of color, the copy and follow-up.



SMBU 9463 Telephone as a Sales Tool

Phone answering techniques to gain customers and increase sales.


SMBU 9774 Selling and Sales Management

An overview of successful sales techniques for small business operators. Topics include researching necessary information, making appointments, making the presentation, closing the sale, and following up.


SMBU 9454 Getting Government Business

An overview of the process of selling goods and services to the government, including the various types of procurement, proposal submittal, content of proposals, requirements, and implementation.

Offered by the Small Business Institute 415.267.6577

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