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Core Course 


SMBU 9447 Business Law for Small Business

An overview of business law for the small business operator. Discussion includes employment, contracts, negotiable instruments and methods of obtaining legal advice.


SMBU 9452 Supervising Employees

Development and improvement of management skills. Includes discussion of various management techniques that focus on employee needs, and how they can be used in supervising and motivating employees.


SMBU 9449 Staffing Your Business

A practical course in determining staffing needs, developing effective hiring procedures, establishing employee and business policies, and training and motivating employees.


SMBU 9453 Business Communications

Emphasis on improving communication skills. Includes the importance of communications in business, effective listening, effective questioning, summarizing techniques, and presentation skills.


SMBU 9461 Retail Management

An overview of the retail business and management decisions effecting it. Management functions to be covered include: location of the business, credit, advertising, personnel, record keeping, retailing methods, and financing.



SMBU 9465 Small Business Insurance

A comprehensive examination of property and casualty insurance applications relating to small business. Discussion will include coverages required by law.


SMBU 9448 Purchasing Products and Services

Learn how to locate the suppliers of goods and services for your new or established business. Also discussed are alternate sources planning, saving money on purchase orders and delivery costs, and dealing with vendors.


SMBU 9469 Controlling Your Inventory

An overview of the impact of inventory on the profitability of a small business. Discussion of the advantages of inventory control in terms of profits and space needs.


SMBU 9468 Employee Training

A discussion on employee training programs for the small business. An overview of cost effectiveness, in house training vs. outside training.


SMBU 9466 Employer/Employee Rights

An overview of the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, and a discussion of the laws pertaining to this relationship.


Total Hours

Offered by the Small Business Institute 415.267.6577

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