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Core Course   


SMBU 9437 Keeping Score On Your Finances

Advise: ABE 2074; ABE 2070
Calculating ratios, income, expense and balance sheet comparisons from statements or tax returns. Pinpointing small problems before they grow.


SMBU 9783 Getting the Right Loan

Fundamentals in identification and evaluation of the various types of loans available to small businesses, and discussion of alternative sources of funding.



SMBU 9784 Finance for Small Business

Examination of the initial and on-going financial needs of a small business, with attention to basic financial analysis, statements, ratios, and trends.


SMBU 9776 Record Keeping

A practical course which evaluates the necessity of setting up and maintaining an effective system of records for a small business. Course includes an examination of the different system and methods of organizing data.


SMBU 9418 Small Business & Taxes

Advise: ABE 2074
Non-technical explanation of federal and state tax laws applicable to small business owners. Areas include reportable income, business deductions credits that reduce income tax and tax-saving strategies.


SMBU 9785 Contract Administration

An introduction to the processes of contract administration.

Offered by the Small Business Institute 415.267.6577

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