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Core Course


INTR 9456 Export/Import Shipping and Insurance

An introduction to shipping exports via air and sea and to obtaining the necessary insurance.


INTR 9457 Export/Import Marketing

An introduction to international marketing. Identification and evaluation of markets abroad. Developing a marketing strategy.


INTR 9458 Export/Import Financing

An overview of the various methods of receiving payment for export sales, the types of financing available through commercial banks, letters of credit, and government assistance programs.


INTR 9459 Export/Import Basics

An overview of the import/export process including comparison of domestic and international transactions, methods and sources of market research, assessment of product import/export potential, and assistance available from various government agencies.


INTR 9460 Export/Import Documents

An examination of the simultaneous flow of documents, goods, and payments in an export or import transaction, and an explanation of the various documents which may be required. Practice in the preparation of the most commonly used documents.


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