When I was just a baby they pinched my cheeks and said,

"You adorable little thing."

When I started my first day of school I cried ‘til the teacher said,

Don’t cry. You’re a big girl now, you little sweetie pie.

When I was eight with my hair platted in little braids they said,

"Such a little angel."

When I was thirteen I began my menstrual cycle and they said,

"You are really a fine young lady, many new things you’ll learn to


When I was twenty one I had really blossomed, they said, "Wow"

you’re quite a dazzle.

The next decade brought career, marriage and motherhood and

doing all that took all my might.

Then forty came by then I’d been tamed but the rest of the years

Came like thunder and rain.

The reading glasses, bifocals of course with the hanging strings

Attached. Forgetting, forgettting, where I put this or did I have that?

Then comes Father Time, toning down my hearing, slowing down

My stride, snow frosting my hair, bladder weakening, skin sagging.

Everyone, everywhere, everyday, saying, May I help you mam,

Thank you mam, Please to meet you mam.

But then Spirit speaks and says, Don’t feel down, look up.

Mams the time for looking at the in and not so much the out.

Elders advise, and inspire, remind us not to forget those heroes

and sheroes we owe a great debt.

Feel lucky to for BE—ING. Thank you Spirit. I need some remindin’

They can all call me mam cause I am a proud and full-fledged MAM.

- Diane Bennett