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Sexual Health Educator Certificate
IDST, Women's Studies, Health, and Behavioral Science Departments

The curriculum for the Sexual Health Educator Certificate will train students as paraprofessionals in safe and healthy sexuality including violence prevention and intervention, HIV/STD prevention, and the promotion of mature intimate relationships.

The integrated program offers students an opportunity to identify various markers of sexual health, which will enable them to promote healthy and safer sexual relationships in their client populations. They will be able to teach others to negotiate sexual situations with more confidence, knowing their limits, recognizing danger zones, assessing risk factors, and respecting their own and their partners' needs.

Through academic preparation, practical skills training, and service to the CCSF community, certificate candidates will learn how to a) provide accurate, timely information; b) apply behavior change theory to real-life situations; c) create and produce sexual health education events (interactive presentations; health fairs; guest lectures and video screenings; publicity campaigns); d) provide general sexual health advice that is sensitive to diverse cultures and sexual orientations; e) make appropriate agency referrals. Students will also learn to recognize and address co-factors which increase the risk of AIDS/HIV infection, such as alcohol and drug use, sexual abuse and assault, low self-esteem and poor communication skills. Finally, students will identify and address signs to look for in an abusive personality, strategies for leaving an abusive relationship, and rape prevention techniques as well as characteristics of a healthy, mature, nonviolent intimate relationship.

Requirements for the Certificate of Completion

The certificate requires completion of 15 units, which can be completed in two semesters. Each course must be completed with a final grade of C or higher or Credit.

Credit toward Graduation

Credit earned to obtain the Certificate of Completion satisfies the G2 and H2 graduation requirements, and course work is transferable to the California State University.

Credit toward Community Health Worker Certificate

Three of the courses required for the Sexual Health Educator Certificate meet the elective requirement for the CHW program.

Required Courses and Suggested Sequence Units


Required Courses

WOMN 54 The Politics of Sexual Violence
WOMN 55 Ending Sexual Violence: Peer Education
IDST 17 Human Sexuality
HLTH 67 HIV/STD Prevention Education

Elective Choices
(3 choices from the following courses)

Sociology 25 Sex and Gender in American Society 3
Sociology 35 Sex, Marriage, and Family Relationships 3
Psychology 9 Psychology of Stress 3
Psychology 14 Psychology of Shyness and Self-esteem 1
Psychology 15 Assertive Behavior 1
Psychology 16 Psychology of Successful People 3
Psychology 25 Psychology of Sex Differences 3
Psychology 17 Psychology of Eating, Food, and Weight 1
Anthropology 20

Anthropology of Homosexuality

Anthropology 25

Culture, Gender, and Sexuality

Health 64 Health Education and Prevention 3
Health 68 HIV/STD Outreach Skills 3
Gay/Lesbian Studies 21 Issues in Lesbian Relationships 3
Gay/Lesbian Studies 24 Gay Male Relationships 3
Gay/Lesbian Studies 60 Psychology of Sexual Minorities 3
Total Units for Certificate =15


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