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Transitional Studies Department

Media Literacy Project

According to the Center for Media Literacy, a new vision of literacy for the 21 st century includes: “the ability to communicate competently in all media forms, print and electronic, as well as to access, understand, analyze and evaluate the powerful images, words and sounds that make up our contemporary mass media culture. Indeed, we believe these skills of media literacy are essential for both children and adults as individuals and as citizens of a democratic society.” (


KQED Adult Learning Media Literacy Project Objectives

  • Develop a media literacy curriculum for use in adult education field.
  • Create a partnership with City College of San Francisco Transitional Studies Department teachers.
  • Pilot lesson plans that introduce media literacy to CCSF TRST learners.

For downloading lesson plans on Media Literacy developed by KQED Adult Learning Team, go to:

Analyzing TV Commercials

CCSF TRST Media Literacy Team – Spring 2005

Amber Straus, JAD High School English Instructor

Billington Mabolo, JAD Math Instructor

Jane Sneed, TRST Chairperson

Kate Gougoutas, JAD Coordinator and Career & Income instructor

Marcia Campos, JAD Language Arts instructor

Maria Rosales-Uribe, U.S. History instructor

Lesson Plans Piloted by CCSF TRST Instructors

Kate Gougoutas: Analyzing the Ad - Handout (storyboard) and KQED Lesson Plan

To view Ad video, click on this icon

Marcia Campos: Facts vs Opinions - Handout & KQED Lesson Plan

Maria Rosales-Uribe: What Makes the News - KQED Lesson Plan

To view News video, click on this icon



For more information, please contact Jane Sneed, Chairperson of the Transitional Studies Department.
Office: (415) 920-6042

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