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Transitional Studies Department

High School Diploma Program


This program provides an opportunity for adults to earn the CCSF High School Diploma. Additionally, the classes that begin after 4:00 p.m. are open to students who are still enrolled in the 11th or 12th grades and wish to earn high school credits to transfer to their regular high school. All high school students are strongly encouraged to enroll early since some classes may not be available after the first few weeks of the term.

High School Diploma Program Coursework

To view and print the coursework requirements and general information, click on the corresponding links below:

High School Diploma Courses:

Individualized Learning Labs, Self-paced, Open-entry, & Multi-level Classes

Advanced classes in reading, writing, communication, mathematics, and critical thinking in specific High School subjects.

Prior high school work that has been completed may be counted toward the City College High School Diploma, pending approval by our department. The High School Diploma Program includes not only course work, but also passing all the GED subtests. Students may also choose to take the GED without enrolling in the diploma program.

High School Redesign

To learn about the High School Redesign Click HERE

For more information, please contact Jane Sneed, Chairperson of the Transitional Studies Department.
Office: (415) 920-6042

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