The Diego Rivera Theatre


Built in the mid-twentieth century to accommodate theatrical productions as well as other school functions, the Diego Rivera Theatre has been the primary venue for literally  hundreds of student and faculty-directed plays. Its lobby houses the world-famous mural, known as Pan American Unity


How To Find The Theatre

The building is located on the northwest corner of the campus, just across from Riordan High School. Standing at the corner of Phelan and Judson Avenues, you would enter the campus, passing the Child Development Center on your right.  The next building you come to is the Theatre. Entering the campus via the circular drive, you would go all the way round, nearly to the exit. When you see the Creative Arts Building on your right, descend the adjacent ramp and the Theatre will be straight ahead.


DSPS Information

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding accessibility of the Diego River Theatre:

1. Are there any handicap parking spaces near the Diego Rivera Theatre? How close/far are they and how many spaces?

Yes, there are numerous handicap spaces on the campus circle drive, immediately adjacent to the sidewalk leading to the theatre.  These are approximately 150 feet from the theatre lobby.


2. Is the theatre accessible for a scooter to enter?

Yes, scooter users frequently attend events in this theatre.

3. What kind of seating accomodations does the theatre have, i.e., folding chairs, rigid chairs, stairs, wide or narrow aisles?

There are rigidly mounted chairs and wide, stepped aisles. Handicapped seating is provided by means of  wider chairs at the rear of the orchestra seating area as well as open spaces that can accomodate scooters and wheelchairs. It is a small theatre and these areas give a clear and proximate view of the stage. Lavatories are fully ADA compliant.

4. Are performances free to CCSF students? If not, how much do tickets cost?

Tickets for the first weekend of the run of  Theatre Arts Department productions are free to CCSF students with the presentation of an ID card. Other performances cost $10 for the student rate. This does not hold true for Music Department productions where there are no free tickets and Student admission usually runs $15.

5. Is the seating reserved seating or would I have to stand in line for open seating - first come first served?

Seating is open ( i.e. first-come, first-served), although handicap seating should not entail a wait in line.

6.Is there a listening system for the hearing impared?

No, the theatre is not equipped with individual listening assitance devices.


7. Can I purchase tickets online or by mail? If not, where can I purchase them and do I need to buy or pick them up in person?

There is usually no pre-sale. You purchase/pick up tickets at the door. Reservations can be made to prevent disappointment in the rare event of a sellout.
8. When do tickets go on sale for each performance?

The box office is open forty-five minutes before curtain time

9. Is there a box office phone number to call if I have more questions (or an email of someone to contact)? When are they open to take my call?

Information and reservation numbers vary depending upon the production.  They can be found on the "Current Production" page of this website