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The successful Telecourse student is:

  1. Goal oriented and self-directed

  2. Knows how to learn independently

  3. Has prerequisite skills such as a College reading level

  4. Attends the orientation meeting

  5. Begins the course activities within the first week of the semester

  6. Sets aside specific time on a routine basis for study

  7. Contacts the instructor promptly when they have questions about any aspect of the course.


What can you do to help yourself succeed?

  1. Telecourse students can end up neglecting Telecourses because of personal or professional circumstances, unless they have compelling reasons for taking the course. Don't allow this to happen. Study every week just as if you were going to class.

  2. Some students prefer the independence of Telecourses; others find it uncomfortable.

  3. Telecourses give students greater freedom of scheduling, but they can require more self-discipline than on-campus classes.

  4. Some people learn best by interacting with other students and instructors, but Telecourses often do not provide much opportunity for this type of interaction. Try to set up study groups.

  5. Telecourses require you to work from written directions without face to face instruction.It may take as long as two weeks to get comments back by mail from your instructor.

  6. Telecourses require at least as much time as on-campus classes.

  7. All Telecourses require some on-campus work: orientation, review sessions, exams and labs. Student schedule flexibility is important.