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Welcome to Telecourses on educational access Cable Channels 27 and 75 in San Francisco. You can also view all Telecourses in the Media Center at the Ocean Campus.

You follow the same procedures to enroll in a Telecourse as you do for a regular classroom section of a class. For further information, please refer to the CCSF Catalog.

Course Transferability and Graduation Area Fulfillment (get Adobe Reader)

CCSF Associate Degree Graduation Requirements

You are required to attend an Orientation meeting, a midterm and a final at the City College Ocean Campus. Each of these is scheduled on a week-night and on a Saturday, and you can attend whichever meeting is most convenient to you. Please call 239-3885 for further information.

Instead of going to City College two or three times a week, watch your lessons at home on your television tuned to educational access cable channels 27 and 75 in San Francisco.

You can videotape your lessons so you can watch them at your convenience and review them as often asyou wish.

Some Telecourses are available for streaming over the internet with a computer (Footnote 1).

As a Telecourse student you come to City College just three times a semester: once for an orientation, once for a mid-term and once for a final exam. Each of these is scheduled on a weeknight and on a Saturday, which means you can come to the meeting that is most convenient for you.

Orientations are required.

All broadcasted classes can be viewed on San Francisco Cable Channels 27 and 75.
See the Viewing schedule for broadcast times.

Disability? If you have a documented disability, which limits your ability to fully participate in, these classes contact DSPS for accommodations. (415) 452-5481

Update 06/29/2011