San Francisco Community College District Police Department - The Truth Shall Make You Free




Escort Program
The Campus Police provide escort service to and from your vehicle or public transit.  Escort service is provided seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.  You can request an escort by contacting us.

Lost and Found
The Campus Police Station is the official location for lost and found property.  Should you lose, or find an item, contact the Campus Police immediately. They can assist you in finding your property or take found property for safe keeping until the rightful owner is located. Most property can be retrieved 24 hours a day from the Campus Police Station, located at the Phelan campus Cloud Hall C119.

Vehicle Lockout
If you locked your keys inside your vehicle Campus Police might be able to help you out. Call us before you call Roadside Assistance company. It's free of charge. Please have your driver's license ready for ownership verification.

Vehicle Battery Jump Start
Left your vehicle's lights on while you were gone and now your battery is dead? Happens all the time. Contact the Campus Police office and we'll be able to assist you.



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