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Bicycle Patrol

The SFCCD-PD Bike Patrol Officers perform the same duties and responsibilities as other patrol officers. The enhanced response capabilities to emergency or service calls greatly increase the Department’s effectiveness in crime response, crime prevention, detection, and customer service.

Due to extreme traffic congestion at various times of day and evening the bicycle officer can traverse campus quicker than a foot patrol or vehicle patrol officer. The flexibility of bicycle response supports faster response for crimes in progress, medical emergencies, crime prevention and customer service. The fact that the officers are on bike makes them more approachable and supports the department’s commitment to community oriented policing.

Bicycle Patrol

There are many benefits from bicycle patrols:

  • Officers are out of cars and accessible to public.
  • Subjects cannot generally outrun officers on bicycles.
  • Stealthy approach to crimes in progress.
  • Much more ground can be covered on a bicycle patrol than on foot.
  • Bicycles can go where cars are unable to go.
  • Costs are less for bicycles than cars.

The officers are also requested to assist the department with special events, crowd control, football games and other events needing rapid deployment in congested pedestrian and vehicle traffic conditions.

To ride the patrol bicycle, an officer must complete a rigorous training program. The course includes: maintenance of equipment, on-road and off-road riding skills, using the bicycle for patrol functions, special event uses, apprehension technique, officer safety and personal health conditioning.

The TREK bicycles currently used by the department are designed specifically for use in law enforcement. Each bike is equipped with a forward facing red and blue emergency light, rear blinking amber light and siren. The bikes also have trunk packs with additional equipment including tire patches, citations and first aid supplies.

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