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Position Description:
Under supervision, the Communications Dispatcher I performs a variety of specialized duties in connection with communications dispatch functions.

Distinguishing Features:
The Communications Dispatcher I is the entry-level class in this series. Positions at this level are distinguished from the Communications Dispatcher II level in that the latter's responsibilities are less complex. Communications Dispatcher I operates a variety of communications equipment, including two-way radio, telephone and radio-paging services, to dispatch and transmit information with mobile field units and communicate with the public.

Examples of Important and Essential Duties:
According to Civil Service Commission Rule 109, the duties specified below are representative of the range of duties assigned to this job code/class and are not intended to be an inclusive list.

1. Operates a variety of communications equipment and information transmitting devices such as multi-line telephones, two-way radio and pager systems utilized to receive information, request reports and emergency calls from a number of mobile radio field units and telephones, or to transmit messages to field units and/or to route calls to proper bureau or detail for action
2. Verifies and evaluates messages received to determine if information is accurate and may follow up to ensure proper receipt and understanding to determine type of action necessary and appropriate staff and/or agency to be notified
3. Dispatches mobile units and equipment to specific work locations, including locations where traffic control, citing and towing services are needed; make phone requests for ambulance, tow truck or other emergency services; make inquiries of other agencies as requested by field units; reads maps and gives directions on how to get to location of emergency.
4. Records essential information and facts from messages transmitted or received by radio and telephone by entering ad retrieving data from computer, time-stamping and logging messages for permanent record keeping, maintaining continuous records of the status of units assigned, and maintaining a regular log for all messages transmitted and received by radio and telephone
5. Assists communications dispatchers to coordinate communications emergency procedures by working with staff from various city departments (e.g., Police, MUNI, Fire, Sheriff & PUC) and communications dispatchers from 911 and DPW, during accidents, emergencies and natural or other disasters.
6. Transmits alarm information to supervisor on duty when the department needs assistance; notifies the Police department daily of streets scheduled for no-parking zones; prepares records and performs other clerical duties related to this procedures. May monitor surveillance equipment and intrusion alarms from on-site buildings.
7. Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Related and Essential Qualifications:
Knowledge of: communications practices and procedures and knowledge of communications rules and guidelines.

Ability to: operate a variety of communications equipment and information transmitting devices; reads maps and guides; communications ability orally and in writing; think clearly and act quickly and analyze situations; establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships; and utilize a personal computer.

EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING GUIDELINE: Any combination of training and experience that could likely provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities may be qualifying. A typical way to obtain this would be:

1. One year of verifiable experience operating a two-way radio communications base station, receiving, recording and transmitting messages from one source to another; OR
2. Combined total of verifiable experience operating a multi-line telephone, and a two-way radio communications base system. Six months of this experience must have been operating a two-way radio base station.

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