"I maintain a deep seated interest in the scholarship of each student and the academic community as a whole. I endeavor to create an excellent educational foundation first, while providing each student the visual and technical tools to explore their art. Then, I provoke and prod each and every student, so they may elevate their vision. I want them to see, think and build a visual portfolio around their learned or perceived environment, making sure they understand what their images say and how they may affect others. To look beyond the surface, not just seeing an object or person for what they are, but why they are.

I try to instill the ability to convey ideas, while maintaining a creative edge, and without losing or sacrificing the technical concepts, which will make that well conceived image standout. I attempt to implant the need, to never lose sight or, better yet, the willingness to make changes when evaluating their own work. Have them always questioning what they are trying to accomplish. I strive to be their guide and mentor, not just their instructor."




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