Lecture and Film Showing of Anino (Shadows)
February 22, 2002, Friday
Rosenberg Library, 11:00 AM 12:00 PM

Raymond Red has been at the forefront of independent filmmaking in the Philippines.  His first film, Ang magpakailanman/eternity, shot in Super 8 in early eighties won major awards at the first Short Film Festival sponsored by the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines.  His subsequent workds, either in Super 8 or 16 mm, like Kabaka, Kamada, Pelikula and others earned great acclaim in Asia and in Europe.  In early nineties, he made his first feature length film (shot in 35 mm), Bayani/patriot, a film about Philippine hero-revolutionary, Andres Bonifacio and then followed by Sakay, a film about another hero, Makario Sakay.

In 2000, Red became the first filipino filmmaker to win the Cannes Film Festival prize with Anino/Shadows, the Cannes Palme DOr for Short Film

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